Food Safety

Food Safety Is Our Top Priority

Plainfield Produce views food safety not as a requirement, but a source of personal pride. We are third party certified and dedicated to providing a quality product from the farm to you. At Plainfield Produce, the handling of our product is critical, that's why our team works diligently to make sure you always get the safest fresh fruits and vegetables.

To guarantee maximum food safety, we are pleased to participate in annual audits by AIB International and government agencies. These not only measure the quality of our food but the competency in handling, storing and distributing. Because we've thrived in the industry for more than 60 years, you can count on Plainfield Produce to adhere to the highest food safety standards every day.

In the event of a product recall, we have the technology and experience to pinpoint the affected source, trace the produce and inform customers promptly. We stay ahead of the curve and diligently monitor food safety to bring you produce with an unmatched level of quality.