Our Story

Our story is one of dedication and passion for providing the freshest and highest quality produce sourced from local farms, combined with exceptional customer service, and a commitment to supporting our customers.

Food safety

Local Produce

Farm-fresh produce at your fingertips

You don't have to search far and wide for some of the finest produce on the planet. Plainfield Produce is pleased to provide an appetizing supply of local produce for your dining establishment.

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Our Warehouse

Providing top-quality produce requires the right warehouse environment and distribution systems. At Plainfield Produce we have four climate-controlled settings to meet the storage and safety needs of different fruits and vegetables so you always get premium freshness regardless of what you order.


Our Fleet

Deliveries are transported via our modern fleet of GPS-equipped, refrigerated trucks. Coupled with uniformed drivers that prioritize your needs, this ensures that your merchandise arrives at peak freshness, ready for preparation.