Food Safety Is Our Top Priority

At Plainfield Fruit & Produce, we strive to source the highest quality fruits and vegetables for the food service industry while working with integrity to ensure that our customers’ expectations are exceeded with every delivery.

Our quality policy guarantees our commitment to distributing foods that are safe, have outstanding quality, and meet all regulatory requirements. We conduct regular internal audits of our entire food safety program to ensure that we are continually adhering to our established food safety S.O.P’s and standards. Plainfield Produce is audited annually by a certified 3rd party body, validating that our food safety culture and scope aligns with the current GFSI benchmark requirements.

Plainfield Fruit & Produce is proactive in food safety at all levels of the company. Senior management, office staff, warehouse workers and delivery drivers are all trained in the proper food safety protocols and procedures that apply to their job functions. Senior management periodically reviews the entire food safety program and is continually looking for areas of improvement while adhering to the frequently changing regulations and requirements.

Plainfield Produce strives to continually improve our food safety culture and established food safety policies while adhering to industry food safety best practices. Our food safety policies and best practices include pre-op inspections, HACCP, pest control, cleaning & sanitation, chemical controls, product receiving, product storage, shipping procedures, GMP, personal hygiene, food borne illness training, microbiological testing, allergens, on-hold procedures, recall plan, traceability, food defense and more.

We work to maintain an environment where people are treated with respect and dignity. As our warehouse workers are the first line of defense, we promote an “If you see something, say something” policy. Food safety training and on-going training is provided and necessary for all employees. Our mission is to always meet the highest ethical and food safety standards to endorse the satisfaction of our customers and employees. Plainfield Fruit & Produce will always strive to be a leader in the food service industry.

Food Safety Certificate